About Us

Delton Publishing House (International Publishers) was established in 2007 DPH is a leading independent international publishing company of books/journals, publishing in the areas of Social Science/Humanities, Hindi Literature, Women Studies, Encyclopaedias and References, Management/Commerce and related subjects. It is a member of the independent publishers guild.

We work with an objective to publish books with the quality content: readers must not be only satisfied but also delighted. Most of our books would provide a practical approach to the professionals as well as to the students. Our main priority is to build a long-lasting relationship with you, whether you are a reader, author, or a bookseller. Our authors are our most important asset, so we provide them a close personal attention at every stage of book publishing. Similarly, we focus on the satisfaction of our readers, because we believe a satisfied customer is the best advertiser.

We assure you of taking the onus, having the readiness of our expert panel of editors, of giving the utmost justice to your work. In the process we aim at providing you with the best terms, the best possible quality, timely production and wide circulation.

DPH Provide publishing services for authors, scholarly and professional societies and associations, including production, online delivery, sales, marketing, and customer services.